About me

I'm Darrell, a software developer working in Old City Philadelphia. I've got my start in writing crappy geocities and angelfire web pages in the late 90's (some of them you can still find!)

Since those days I've become a full LAMP stack developer using Javascript and jQuery where needed.

Nowadays I work at Cubist Media Group where I'm the Lead Developer working on MtgWorks and client based projects in HTML5, Sharepoint and some C# .NET every now and then to keep things interesting.

Some cool things I've worked on in the past

  • Wrote server side applciations to listen for UDP packet reports from tank monitor devices.
  • Wrote user account systems in Drupal.
  • Played around with arudino prototypes to send voltage readouts over a GSM network.
  • Built a fast commodity trading price display system
  • Built a eLearning system for desktop, iPad and iPhone browsers.
11 Jul 2012